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Seven ways to find a mentor for your startup

Seven ways to find a mentor for your startup

When starting a startup business, it is best to find a mentor or assistant advisor, because they have a lot of experience and have many tricks and tips that may affect the success of the new emerging business, such as ensuring the health of the business, production strategies and all that arises from other matters and thus the success of the activity and more returns. . But establishing the relationship between the founder and someone who wants to learn from him requires taking many practical steps, especially in the absence of business experience. To find that leader or mentor, there are seven ways to do this, which will be mentioned in the following:

Search within workers in the same field

When starting a business startup once, it is necessary to identify a list of several candidate leaders (entrepreneurs and thought leaders) who have achieved what needs to be achieved in that company. Although a good mentor should be challenging the ideas and expectations of the one who wants to work, he prefers to be someone close to him and spend quality time with him. The list of potential candidates narrows by researching each person’s history and accomplishments. That is, we must know why they are more suitable for the success of the activity than they are.

Looking far from the field of work

Good mentors aren’t limited to those within the same industry. Because good business principles and perspectives are generic. Meaning that proper fit in the same field should not be adhered to, as there are a large number of options that can be accessed.

Adding value within the relationship

Often it is possible that a good mentor will be busy following his own companies and his private life, so it is necessary to explain clearly to him about business, industry and others, and to share knowledge, experience and information when making a business deal. Most importantly, the possibility of a positive and active presence in the mentor’s life, in short: a novice entrepreneur must be the person the leader wants to direct.

What is the outlook?

When finding a potential mentor, the best way to find out whether or not that mentor is helpful is by answering the following questions. How much time does the guide need, a week or a month? What is required during this relationship and what are the ways to achieve these results? What is the need for a router?

Access via professional groups such as SCORE

There are groups specialized in linking businessmen with entrepreneurs and experts. The most famous of these is SCORE, which is one of the largest networks of volunteer mentors and business experts. SCORE can be used to find a mentor by location and industry as well as to access webinars and courses directly on demand and for free. There are other Small Business Administration groups that can help advise on common risks and beneficial strategies, including Small Business Development Centers and Women’s Business Centers across the country. All of these groups can help you with everything from securing business licenses to getting a small business loan.

Not many questions, but only learning

There is a school of thought related to counseling that says that someone should never be asked to be a teacher, especially if they are a stranger. That is, there is not necessarily a formal mentoring relationship with the “mentor”. On behalf of that, you can follow this instructor on social media, keep up with his writings, take his courses, and study his decisions without directly resorting to him and taking his time.

Using LinkedIn groups

LinkedIn is the preferred social network for finding members with similar interests. So the mentor seeker can join groups aligned with his goals and interests and get to know the active members as group members as potential mentors.

Finally, a mentor may aid in growth and success but it is not considered a panacea. Therefore, in order to get the most benefit, a lot of effort must be put into finding a suitable mentor. The more effort is put into finding him, the richer and more productive the result will be.